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It was a calm sunny day in Danville Phineas and Ferb were off to build another wacky invention and perry sneaked off into the lair.
Major Monogram:"Agent P our recent data shows that Dr. Doofenshmirtz has been buying up all the Danville's feathers, brushes, feather dusters used boots, a pair of stocks and has kidnaped our agents we don't know what he could be planning but what ever it is put a stop to it agent P"

Perry saluted and dashed off to DR. Doofenshmirtz's hide out. He kicked down the door and walked in slowly. Only to be captured in a pair of stocks, the ones with arm, head and feet holes.

Dr. D:"Ahh perry the platypus looks like I've captured you once again heh heh hehhhhhh"

Dr.D"so I bet your wondering what my latest inator is well I'll tell you" (Doof pulled a trap off and revealed an odd device with mechanical hands holding feathers, feather dusters, and brushes)
Dr.D: "I've always wanted to do this, perry the platypus I'm about to tickle your cold webbed feet!"

Dr. Doofenshmirtz pushed a button on a remote he was holding and the tickleinator moved forward. The inator's hands containing feathers slowly lowed to perry's feet and the feathers stroked Perry's feet.

Perry held a grin which was getting larger until he cracked.

The inator stroked perry's feet all ways horizontally, vertically, zigzags in circles and just all over.

Then the tickleinator's feather hands risen up and then the feather duster lowered and dusted his lil' smooth orange webbed feet.

Perry waved his hands in the stocks to say stop and was shaking and going crazy in his stocks to think he a great agent brought down by a little tickle torture. Then the tickleinator's feather dusters go faster.

The tickle inator's feather dusting hands went up and brought down the brush hand which had a coarse brush, regular toothbrush, electric toothbrush, and a wire brush the tickleinator slowly brushed with the coarse brush.
The Tickleinator then brushed Perry's feet with a wire brush.

Then the inator brushed vigorously with the regular toothbrush getting every inch of Perry's little platypus feet.

The inator finally got to the electric toothbrush and turned it on to full power and swipes it across Perry's feet.

The inator stop and wheels away and then perry panted hard sweating really bad.

Doof: having fun Perry the platypus, because my next invention in the bootsmellinator
Doof reveals another inator a wheel with 1 mechanical hands and a big pile of used boots next to it.
The mechanical hand grab a boot from the pile and shoved it on Perry's beak forcing him to sniff.
Perry's face became greener and he was absolutely disgusted by the smell. And then the inator went on making Perry smell every last boot. Afterwards Perry was a whole new darker shade of green and looked dizzy.

Doof: now for the final trick I have up my sleeve.
He snapped his fingers revealing the missing animal agents with mind control helmets on their heads.
There was agent D the dog, agent K the kangaroo, cat, frog chicken and pig.

Doof: now torture Perry the platypus horribly
The animal agents walked up to Perry's stocked orange soft supple feet and slowly sniff his feet winces from the small at 1st but then the mind control helmet's command kicked in and the commenced licking perry's feet all at the same time.

Perry laughed in torturous agony and soon passed out then Doof pressed a button rocketing perry back to headquarters, released the animal agents making them forget all about this, and stored the stocks and inators in his basement for later with a big grin on his face.
this was one of my friend's requests I hope he likes it and I hope you too will also enjoy it.

Also Phineas and ferb is teh rightful property of Disney cahneel and i do NOT claim ANY of the characters as my own.
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zippitey2 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I just have one question.  How does Doof have a basement if he lives in a penthouse suite on the top floor of a condo building?
footmaster Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015
It was shown in the episode "Candace disconnected" that doof did indeed have a basement, that's where Norm's old head was, the one that openly insulted doof and ended up in Easter Island.
zippitey2 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I believe that was the basement of the condo building
Porygon2z Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG! its finally here!
its been so long since i requested this and i thought you forgot all about it
thanks a lot
footmaster Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011
your welcome like I said in my journal I've been swamped, but I was finally able to finish and I'm happy how it turned out, feel free to tell me how you liek it

and if u wann get a better look cappy an dpaste teh story to a word document it looks easier to read
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